Tamlink works behind many ecosystems for example in the role of aggregator, coordinator or developer. Explore the ongoing ecosystems that Tamlink is involved in: 



Forum for Intelligent Machines, FIMA, is an association and network for mobile work machine manufacturers, specialist companies, system integrators and research institutes. FIMA promotes, directs and initiates research based on the needs of its members. 

Tamlink's subsidiary New Factory is the host organization of FIMA and is strongly involved in developing, coordinating and managing FIMA's activities. 

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Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem IAQe is an open cooperation platform that connects all parties of indoor air quality developer. IAQe aims to achieve healthy indoor air by objective collaboration between IAQe's partners. The cooperation platform combines the skills and needs of several organizations to larger service entities. 

Tamlink is the coordinator of Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem. 

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Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre, SMACC, is a ecosystem that offers fast-paced solutions, versatile expertise and an wide cooperation network for the industry players. SMACC's themes include additive manufacturing, digital services, digital design and modelling, digital asset management, advanced digital manufacturing, digital quality management and automation and robotics. 

The role of Tamlink in SMACC is to act as a contractual partner for SMACC's corporate projects. Tamlink is also invold in the communication, marketing, and developing the SMACC's corporate partnerships.