Explore the ongoing EU projects that Tamlink is involved in: 


Fusion for Energy (F4E) is a Europian Union's joint venture for ITER and the development of fusion energy. The world's largest scientific partnership ITER aims to demonstrate fusion as a viable and sustainable energy source - F4E is responsible for Europe's contribution to ITER. 

Tamlink develops ITER's remote handling system, which works by water hydraulics, for a service robot inside the reactor torus. The development is made in cooperation with Fluiconnecto Ltd, Tampere University and VTT. 

International Business Powered by Talents -project aims to promote the renewal, agility, growth, competitiveness and employment of SMEs in the region of Pirkanmaa by strengthening the SMEs' abilities in internationalization, innovation and co-creation.  International talents will be engaged in the development of SMEs' new services which promotes talents visibility, competences and expertise to SMEs.

Tamlink's subsidiary New Factory is responsible for the implementation of Growthbuilders co-creations between companies and international talents.



POWER (Placement Opportunities with Entrepreneurial Reach) is ERASMUS+ project launched in November 2018. POWER was launched to create an EU-wide digital platform focusing on providing high-impact placements for students in startups. Digital platform will be targeted to universities, students, incubators and start-ups all over EU. 

Tamlink's subsidiary New Factory is strongly involved in communications, dissemination and sustainability activities of the POWER. New Factory also offers strong expertise in implementing the platform especially from the incubator's point of view.