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Doctoral School of Industry Innovations


In the Doctoral School of Industry Innovations (DSII) at the Tampere University, we offer companies a new way to solve research issues that are important for future competitiveness. At the same time, we support the progress of doctoral students ’goals.

A company, the Tampere University (TAU), and Tamlink sign a four-year contract. Doctoral students sign an employment contract with TAU. The costs are shared between TAU and the company 50/50. TAU grants the company exclusive rights to the IPR created and the company has the pre-emptive right to the exclusive rights to the results.

The Doctoral School of Industry is a tool for a company to set and solve key research questions.

For this, the school provides the latest information and research results. The doctoral school also provides a way for the company to recruit and train.

Tamlink is working in seamless cooperation with the Tampere University.

Contact us


Jukka Matikainen

Business Director

+358 40 533 6379

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