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Tamlink's core business includes generating, organizing and coordinating EU projects and programs.

Tamlink often plays an important role in building a consortium. Depending on the nature of the project, Tamlink can act as a project manager, among other things, and take care of the bureaucratic side of the project, such as applications and reporting.  

Often, Tamlink also plays a strong role in the dissemination of project results, communication, and the implementation of events and workshops.  

Tamlink is also expanding its operations to manage cascade funding provided in some EU projects. Cascade projects distribute a certain amount of funding to external actors through open calls for proposals.


Cascade funding offers an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of the project and to acquire more expertise. The aim of the funding mechanism is to simplify administrative procedures by creating a lighter startup- and SME-friendly application system.

Tamlink's role is to organize and promote open calls for proposals and to manage the distribution of funding to SMEs and medium-sized enterprises, including cascading funding to third parties.

our ongoing EU projects:


Check out ongoing EU projects involving Tamlink:


Fusion for Energy (F4E) is the European Union's Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy.


The world's largest scientific joint project, ITER, aims to demonstrate fusion as a viable and sustainable energy source - F4E is responsible for Europe's contribution to ITER.

Tamlink is developing an ITER hydraulics remote control system for a maintenance robot inside the reactor valley.

The development work is carried out in co-operation with Fluiconnecto Oy, the Tampere University and VTT.


POWER (Placement Opportunities with Entrepreneurial Reach) is ERASMUS+ project launched in November 2018.


POWER was launched to create an EU-wide digital platform focusing on providing high-impact placements for students in startups. Digital platform will be targeted to universities, students, incubators and start-ups all over EU. 

Tamlink's subsidiary New Factory is strongly involved in communications, dissemination and sustainability activities of the POWER. New Factory also offers strong expertise in implementing the platform especially from the incubator's point of view. 

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As a service center, SIX Manufacturing EDIH combines the development opportunities, infrastructures and services that lead manufacturing SMEs to move forward on the digital path in an industry-driven way.


Based on the Sustainable Industry X (SIX) initiative, EDIH has close partnerships with various networks and ecosystems, as well as agendas, projects and investment plans.

The SIX Manufacturing EDIH network duo consists of Finland's most advanced manufacturing and digitization expertise, infrastructures and ecosystems. SIX Manufacturing EDIH is an open forum that welcomes new partners to make sustainable manufacturing the cornerstone of well-being.


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