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Tamlink starts to publish news and updates in the new company blog

Tamlink, as a 35-year-old-company, has a long history of R&D&I, technology transfer and bridging industry and research. We do our job well, thoroughly and quickly too.

In this world of visibility it's time for us to utilize the commonly used element called company blog. It's not a new thing but as a tool, but for us and our transparency of actions it is quite a novelty.

Until now we have centralized our communications fuel only in the projects and ecosystems that we work on. We put a lot of idea on making them visible. Now it's time to start showing glimpses of ourselves too.

For a year now we have been quite active with LinkedIn posting but it just doesn't seem to be enough these days. From now on one can visit our site and have a quick glimpse on our doings.

So, welcome to our brand new comapny blog and please, stay tuned! We'll be actively reporting stuff about our activities.

Nea Alanen

Communications Coordinator


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